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Gardening and ecology sites for kids

Animal Tracks Kids' Page

This site is sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation, the same people who are responsible for Ranger Rick. Animal Tracks includes a fun and informative games section ~ one game asks the player to match footprints and animals. Another feature of the site are "Cool Tours," which provide information on wetlands, endangered species, public lands, and more. A very well organized and easily navigated site.

What's It Like Where You Live?

This section of the Missouri Botanical Gardens' excellent web site is intended to teach children about the different biomes and their characteristics. Kids can click on pictures to decide if they live in grasslands, chaparral, deciduous forest, tundra, etc. A wonderful introduction to ecology and the environment.

The AES Bug Club

Gardens can't survive without bugs, right? At this site your children will be able to learn about all of the creepy crawly things that love your plants (love to eat them, too, of course). The Bug Club, which is sponsored by the Amateur Entomologists' Society, is aimed at children ages 5-15, although membership is extended to all of those who are "young at heart." Kids who can't afford the cost of the annual membership will still be able to enjoy the site (at least, kids who like bugs. I wouldn't have included myself in that category when I was younger). The site is extremely attractive and well-organized, and includes wonderful sections on how to identify different bugs and (mom and dad will love this) how to take care of pet bugs. Children can also submit a request for a pen-pal.

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