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Sunflower-themed home pages

In my research on sunflowers, I have tried to find all sources of information on this topic on the 'net. Below are other homepages I have found which are devoted to sunflowers. I have incorporated the information I have found useful on these sites into this site, and many of these sites are the sources for my pictures links at the bottom of the page.

Stacie's Sunflower Page: A brief page from a UC-Berkley student. Includes some interesting facts about sunflowers.
Dawn's I Love Sunflowers page: If anyone thinks I'm taking this sunflower thing overboard, they should check out Dawn's page. She has a number of good images (some of which are linked to below).
Rhymester's Sunflower Page: The strength of this page is the numerous beautiful pictures. It's a bit difficult to navigate, though. I included many of her photographs in the pictures list.

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