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Friends' home pages

I invite you to visit home pages created by good friends of mine. Each reflects their own unique ~ and yes, sometimes scary, personalities. Clicking on a link will open the page in a new browser.

Madcap's Page
This is my little brother's home page. He began his about five months before I started learning HTML and I owe him a lot for putting up with all of my questions. John's page consists of pictures of his friends, some of his artwork, and links to his other pages on the band Sublime and the Florida State Seminoles.

Thelma C's Home on the Web
Thelma has created a page wherein the world can get a sense of her warped sense of humor. Much of the page is the result of input from some of our mutual friends. There's the Ask Auntie Shoe advice column, Angel's legal advice (she is not to be held liable, etc), the history of the MarxLennon family, and a great deal more.

The Winged Goddess of Victory's Homepage
Shoe, despite her admission that she has no clue what to do with her site, has a couple of valuable areas, namely her music links page and her page discussing Miscrosoft's anti-trust violations. I'm afraid Bill Gates will rue the day he crossed shoe. *smile*

Sombrera: Tripping the Life Fantastic
My friend Hat, a web designer, has designed her page so effortlessly that the rest of us amateurs are rather put to shame. This page includes a daily poetry selection as well as Hat's reflections on her recent move from the U.K. to the U.S.

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