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I grew my very first sunflower seedlings in terracotta pots on our back patio. One out of the six sunflowers I first transplanted into the ground, this is the only one which is still growing (the other sunflowers were eaten by rabbits). One of my velvet queen sunflower seedlings when it was just poking its head out of the soil.
Emily's Sunflower Garden
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Welcome to my corner of the web

I recently decided to plant some sunflowers. Well, as it turns out I have more time on my hands than I thought (that is, before I started summer school and my job), and six sunflower seeds from two varieties turned into 12 varieties of over 100 seeds. As my interest grew, I started looking for sunflower information on the web, but didn't find much. This is my first reason for making this page. The second reason is the vanity of a first-time gardener who assumes the general populace finds information about her "babies" as facinating as she does. :-) Enjoy!

Places to visit in Emily's Sunflower Garden

In the Garden:
Growing Sunflowers:A basic guide coming soon!
Types of Sunflowers: A complete list and description of both annuals and perinneals, including the 16 different klinds of annuals in my garden coming soon!
Sunflower FAQ: Can't find an answer to a sunflower dilemma? All your questions answered
My Sunflower Diary: A week-by-week description of my sunflower endeavors

On the Page:
Sunflowers in Paint and Print: Brought to you by Allen Ginsburg, William Blake, Gustav Klimt, Georgia O'Keeffe and other artists who have been inspired by sunflowers
Garden Essays: Green thumbs reflect on the sunflower coming soon!
Etymology: Naming the sunflower
A Brief History coming soon!

In the Kitchen:
Sunflower Recipes: From the garden to the kitchen ~ everything from tabbouleh to pumpkin soup


My mammoth index of links: Sunflower links, other gardening links and my own favorite places on the web. Includes an index of botanical gardens, water and butterfly gardening links, and links to my favorite authors. This index is under construction. In order to provide only worthwhile links and give information about most of them, it's taking me awhile to finish this particular part of the page. Please be patient.

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