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Getting Personal

This little corner of cyberspace will be filled with some basic information about myself as well as my favorite links.

At the time of this writing (that is, June 1998), I have been living right outside of Wichita, Kansas, for one month. I spent most of the past two years at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. Right now I'm living with my family and deciding where I want to go from here. This summer and fall I'm taking classes at Wichita State Univeristy. My major tends to change every once in awhile; it has alternately been anthropology, political science, and now it's English/Literature. At this point I suspect that my family is laying bets on what major I'll actually graduate with. When I'm not in school or gardening, I'm working at the Wichita Borders Books and Music.

Places to Chat
Hot Buttons: Part of the Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall. Usually an excellent place for interacting on the 'net.
CyberNude: An excellent resource for information about nudism, CyberNude also hosts a chat hall for those interested in the nudist/naturist lifestyle.

Organizations with which I have been involved The Republican National Committee: Conservatism is in the blood.
The Tallahassee Bare Devils: The nudist club to which I belonged in Tallahassee.

Friends' homepages